Museum Gallery

A Weird & Wonderful Museum

By Susan Fair

Nestled in the heart of downtown Boonsborough is a place alternately referred to as "a hidden gem," "the smithsonian in miniature" and "eclectic." I believe it is best described as a weird and wonderful museum. It's official name is the Boonsborough Museum of History.

I began working at the museum last year, and each time I go I notice something I haven't seen before.

With every square inch of its two floors (and ceilings) covered, you can expect that if you go, you will want to go back. It's literally not possible to take it all in at once.

From the original John Brown pike tacked to the ceiling, to the first classic relics of saints (yes, folks that means tiny little pieces of their bodies - and we're talking big-shot saints here, like Saint Francis and Elizabeth Seton), to the perpetual favorite the severed arm, there is something for everyone!

Civil War buffs get especially worked up when they visit, what with the sharpshooter's rifle from the Battle of Gettysburg, the bible from the U.S. provost marshal's office that was kissed by 10,000 confederates as they swore their allegiance back to the U.S., the Antietam relic post (awesome folk art combined with history), and owner Doug's Bast's pride and joy, an amazing collection of carved bullets (soldiers had to kill the time doing something while they were in camp - you can only pick lice off yourself for so long after all) But it's not all war and weapons and dead bodies, not that those aren't fun and entertaining. There are also priceless pieces of china and pottery, ancient artifacts, tramp art, and a lot of local history related items.

Did I mention the children's caskets? Oh yeah, there are some of those too.

And treasure from a sunken ship. And a turn of the century general store. And dinosaur fossils. I could go on, believe me, but you really should come (or come back) and check it out in person.

Meanwhile, here are some photos from inside the weird, wonderful and often mysterious Boonsboro Museum of History:

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