The John Brown Collection at the Boonsborough Museum of History

The Boonsborough Museum of History exhibits a large collection of artifacts that relate to John Brown and the insurrection at Harpers Ferry, including many items that are unlikely to be found on display any other place.

Beginning the collection is a painting of the Kennedy Farm, done by well known local artist Clyde Roberts. The Kennedy Farm was the staging place where Brown planned his raid.

Next you will see two original John Brown Pikes. One is complete with the original pole attached and the other has had the pole shortened for use as a bowie knife during the Civil War.

Next is a display case housing important documents and artifacts from Brown’s attack on the Federal Armory. Included are two extremely rare period volumes, “The Capture and Execution of John Brown” and the “Correct History of the John Brown Invasion.” You will also see an original copy of the Congressional Investigation of the raid.

You will also see a brick from Brown’s jail cell, pieces of wood cut from the scaffold where he was executed, and numerous photos and documents relating to his capture, trial and execution.

Also on display are medical items belonging to Dr. Nicholas Marmion. Dr. Marmion was medically in charge of all military personnel stationed at Harpers Ferry. He treated all U.S. soldiers who were wounded during the raid, and many historians believe that he also doctored John Brown during the months that he lived at the Kennedy Farm under the alias Isaac Smith.

Photos to be added in the future